Mountain Posture (Parvatasana) in Yoga

Mountain Posture (Parvatasana) in Yoga

Parvatasana or mountain pose gets its name because the body takes the shape of a mountain peak. Parvata, in Sanskrit, means ‘mountain’.


  1. Strengthens nerves and muscles in the arms and legs, and stimulates the circulation in the upper spine.
  2. Kneel on raised heels and stretch your arms forward so your forehead is on the floor. 
  3. Breathe deeply and relax for a few seconds. 
  4. Raise yourself on to your hands and knees, keeping your toes tucked under and your back flat.
  5. Inhale and push up onto your toes. Raise your buttocks and lower your head between your arms. 
  6. Your back and legs should form two sides of a triangle.
  7. Exhale, rest your feet on the floor and try to touch the floor with the top of your head. Hold the position for 10 seconds.


  1. Relives tension in the neck region. 
  2. Strengthens the nerves and muscles in the back.
  3. Helps to reduce flab from the abdomen, tummy, hips and the waist. 
  4. It can even make you taller.

Published - 2015-05-25    By - anshu

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