How to perform the cat stretch pose (Marjari Asana) in Yoga

How to perform the cat stretch pose (Marjari Asana) in Yoga

The cat stretch pose, also known as Marjari Asana, is a pose designed to improve the flexibility of the neck, shoulders and your spine. This posture is considered to be a very important aspect of being able to lead a happy and healthy life.


  1. Kneel on the floor and lean forward to place hands on floor below your shoulders, fingers facing forward, hands in line with knees. 
  2. Arms and thighs should be at right angles to the floor; knees may be slightly separated.
  3. Inhale deeply, raise head and drop spine so your back is concave. 
  4. Fill your lungs and hold for three seconds. 
  5. As you exhale, lower your head and stretch your spine upwards. 
  6. At the end of the breath, pull in your buttocks, contract stomach muscles and place head between arms. 
  7. Repeat this process, as many times as you are comfortable. Do this asana with slow and deep breathing and feel the stretch it gives to your back, neck and shoulders.


  1. Loosens up the spine and make it flexible. Gets rid of stiffness in the back muscles.
  2. Good for those suffering from Spondylitis and slipped disk.
  3. It has an indirect effect on the organs of the lower abdomen, including the digestive system, intestines and the reproductive organs. It gives a good massage and stretch to these organs.
  4. Something that not many people know about the cat pose is that it also plays a major role in the purification of blood within the human body.


Published - 2015-05-25    By - anshu

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