Differences between Drugs And Dietary Supplement

Differences between Drugs And Dietary Supplement

Today going herbal is common. There are lots of people today whom are turning to “organics” and “naturals” otherwise known as herbals. The increasing demands of herbal supplements has created a new fad if not a new health lifestyle. But before you join the bandwagon, here are few things you have to know about this mean, “green” dietary supplementing machine.

Are drugs differ from dietary supplement ?

Its true. According to the defination set by food and drug administrations in many countries, drugs are actually chemicals that helps you to prolong the life, face other effects of a health condition, triest to improve the quality of life, and/or cure ailments and diseases, or change the function of any organ or chemicals inside the body. These drugs are generally approved therapeutic claims. For example, paracetamol is a drug that helps you for reducing the body temperature in fever. Ascorbic acid is related to the treatment of scurvy. Iron supplements are given to treat mild cases of anemia.

Herbal supplements can not be defined as drugs or not similar to drugs but as dietary supplements. The major difference is that they not provide approved therapeutic claims unlike in the case of drugs. Moreover, dietary supplements could either consists of vitamins, minerals, herbals, or amino acids, all aimed to add to or supplement the diet of an individual. They are not intended to be taken alone as a substitute to any food or medicine.

Most of the developed medicines in today world came from animals and plants. Through the years, chemists isolated the life-saving or life-curing components and separated them from the harmful ones. This lead to the further drug research and drug development that lead to the production of a changing variety of drugs for many ailments and conditions from synthetic sources. But still we have semi-synthetic drugs, as well as drug that more or less approximate more natural composition. Since herbal supplements are made from a mixture of crude herbs reduced into powder or gel form, and later on packaged as tablets and capsules, there is a possibility that life-threatening or at least body chemistry-altering components are still present, thus the expression of concern from the medical community.

Is it important to concern before taking herbal medicines?

Yes. With the increasing demand of using and consuming anything herbal or organic is the proliferation of fake herbal supplements that threaten to endanger lives. If that’s the case, then why are herbal supplements given drug administration approvals? One way of ensuring the safety of the people is to have all candidate drugs, food, drinks, and dietary supplements registered with the proper authority. Otherwise, they would pose more risk with these things being sold in the black market for a hefty sum. We could ensure the quality and safety of herbal supplements if they get proper classification with the food and drug administration. Moreover, people may be able to file the proper complaints in the event a worsening of health condition is proven to be linked to the use of a particular herbal supplement.

Is using herbal medicines risks our lifes?

Yes. It cannot be discounted that many who have use herbal supplements experienced an development in their health—whether this is due to the herbals themselves or due to a placebo effect, as long as they do not worsen the condition of an individual, then using them is worth the risk. But of course, certain things must be considered before taking those herbal supplements:
Concern with your Doctor for herbal medicines

Be clear with your Doctor what's the problem is . Ask him/her if eating a particular herbal supplement is safe given your health condition. People with heart, liver, or kidney trouble or malfunction, are usually not advised to take these, or at the minimum is to take these herbals in minimum amounts. All substances pass through the liver and kidney to be procedured and filtered respectively. Kava, which is related to relieve people from stress, has been pulled out from the Canadian, Singaporean, and German markets because it contains substances that can damange your liver. Many herbals such as Ephedra used for losing weight, consists of chemicals with heart-inducing effects that can produce more heart rate, which in turn can exhaust the heart and cause heart attacks in several documented cases by the American Medical Association.

Directions to use Herbal Supplements.

Never overdose of more herbal supplements than what is directed by the doctor or as instructed on the bottle. Each individual responds differently to the components of herbal supplements. While it is perfectly safe for one individual to took in a supplement of primrose oil capsules, another person may be allergic to it. So, do not even think about downing one bottle of

Herbal Supplements has no approved curative effect.

It never matters how the product pamphlet or the label of the bottle sounds about how it has been searched to be helpful in certain health conditions, these herbal supplements are not therapeutic. So do not substitute these for the medications prescribed by your doctor for the treatment of certain diseases, or for the maintenance of blood pressure, lowering of blood sugar and cholesterol, and fight off infections.


Published - 2015-04-03    By - danny

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