China Made Iphone 6 and Apple Iphone 6 Comparison

China Made Iphone 6 and Apple Iphone 6 Comparison

Real Iphone Vs Fake Iphone

Apple Inc. World 's Best Smartphone Builder almost all other brands follow Apple Product features to their products. Apple is the only company which gives new things to the people. There are many companies like Samsung which copies Apple Iphone.

After Iphone 6 launch , millions of people buy and love this Apple Product. However there are several local companies in China who are breaking the marketplace of Apple by developing Fake Iphone 6 copies which look 90 % similar to original Iphone and less in price as compared to Iphone 6 . Only few people can notify the secret of detecting the fake iphone vs original iphone.

To not be a fool just watch the video this will make you know about the reality behind fake iphones vs original iphones. China's Iphone 6 is 90 % copy of original Iphone from package box to the product but left some clues to detect from the original iphone.

One biggest clue is Apple Iphone 6 is bendable but China Iphone 6 Not.

Some styles in China Made Iphone like charging slot, power button slightly varies from original .


Published - 2015-06-08    By - danny

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