Natural foods that stop the Cancer Growth

Natural foods that stop the Cancer Growth

Cancer is the very worst disease in this world. Cancer affects human body in many ways and many reasons. Nowadays cancers cause through our daily food diet. Fast food system is affects body health and also causes cancer. Some of the healthy foods help to prevent our body from various cancer diseases. The healthy fruits, vegetables and grains contain rich minerals, vitamins and high nutrition’s that fight against the cancer disease and prevent from any other disease.

There are various cancers like lungs cancer, Blood cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, Prostate Cancer(it cause ed problem to men, Few men using Generic viagra 100mg to overcome ed health issues).

Healthy Foods

Fruits and vegetables

In the natural fruits and vegetables have plenty of nutrition’s and compounds against the cancer developments. It destroys the cancer cell growth in your body. It mainly use to against the mouth cancer, larynx cancer and stomach cancer. 

Main process doing by the fruits vegetables in your body against cancer development

Fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants compounds like vitamin C, beta carotene helps to fight against the free radicals. The main work for free radicals is damage the all DNA of the cells.

Fruits and vegetables improve the immune system with the help of phytochemicals.  The phytochemicals slowdown the cancer developments and give boost to the immune systems.

Fruits and vegetables have healthy soluble and insoluble fiber. It improves your digestion and helps to intake much nutrition foods.

Fruits and vegetables contain low calories. It reduces your body weight and improves your health. Body weight is also important for cancer prevention.


Garlic is an amazing food to boost your health. It contains sulphur compounds called allicin. It mostly prevents your body from colon cancer and rectal cancer. Garlic protect the colon cells from toxin substance that causing cancer disease. It also refreshes the cells that affect by toxin substances. It has more inflammation power helps to protect your body from various cancer development diseases.


Onions are in different color and different kinds like spring onion, scallions, chives and leeks. Onion mainly helps to prevent your body from lungs and stomach cancer. Onion contains quercetin, supports to prevent from lungs cancer. In the onion contains sulphur compounds, it main work is boost to create the protective enzymes that offset carcinogens and therefore stomach cancer is not affecting your body.

Selenium rich foods

Selenium rich foods are Brazil nuts, chicken liver, tuna fish and egg yolk. It possibly to prevent you from prostate cancer. Selenium nature is to produce more antioxidants power in your body and fight against the free radicals and it activities of damaging DNA cells. It naturally protects your body from various health issues.

Calcium foods

Calcium rich foods like milk and milk products, cabbage, broccoli, almonds, and sesame seeds. It is possible to protect your body from colon cancer and rectal cancer. In milk and milk related products contains calcium and Vitamin D. The combination of these two components decreases the growth of cancer in the normal cell and mainly stops the colon cancer developments. The consumption of calcium is more than 1500 milligrams per day, helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Olive oil

This golden color oil is enriching antioxidants power in your body. It is mainly prevent your body from skin cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.

Vitamin C Rich fruits and vegetables

Vitamin C is preventing from the esophageal cancer. The vitamin C presents in vegetables like peppers, cabbage, mustard greens, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and it is present in fruits like citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, guava fruits and strawberry fruits. Vitamin C mainly stops the all free radicals and prevents the all cells from the damage.


Turmeric is the one of famous and best foods in this world. Turmeric contains many medical properties helps to prevent from various cancer like skin cancer, tongue cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, duodenum cancer and prostate cancer. Curcumin substance in turmeric blocks the cancer developments in your body. You can add turmeric in your daily food diet enriches anti-inflammatory and antioxidants power in your body.

Folic acid Foods

The folic acid contain foods like whole grains, beet root and green leafy vegetables like spinach, parsley, dill, lettuce, cabbage and broccoli. The folic acids is belongs to Vitamin B group, and stop the cancer developments in cells. It possibly to prevent from pancreatic cancer.


Legumes are such as beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas. It contains more water soluble fibers supports to fight against the cancer growth in the cells of your body. The consumptions of more legumes stop the various cancer diseases like colon, rectum, prostate, lungs and stomach cancer. The legumes are also gives more energy and nutrition’s to your body and helps to achieve weight loss.

The above mention natural foods stop cancer growth in body. You can also add to follow some other methods to prevent your body from cancer.

·         Doing regular exercise.

·         Avoid drinking alcohol.

·         Avoid smoking habits.

·         Avoid eating fast food items.



Published - 2016-06-16    By - frason

Cancer Foods
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